Tuesday, December 27, 2016


My record last week is why I like to scale back best bets late in the year. Typically I have few best bets early in the season as well as late. I wait to see how things are going early obviously and later in the season, the last 2 weeks, I pull them back because weather becomes more of a factor, some teams just don’t show up because they’re in the playoffs or because they’re out of the playoffs. Over the last 3 decades I’ve always tried to make my money between weeks 3 and 15. A good case in point is last week. I got shot down to the tune of 1-6. I had hoped my ranking system would be able to navigate the waters of the late season NFL games. The problem is plain to see in that sentence. Correct handicapping and gambling should never involve “hoping” for a result. I did in fact go where the facts led me, but I should have used my decades of experience to step in and shut it down when so many picks were generated. On the bright side I was so far ahead that my record could take the hit and still be respectable.
My year to date record is now 26-19, 57.8% +5.1 units. A terrible way to bring the year to a close, losing over half my profits like that. I’ll post my thoughts on the week 17’s games on Friday.

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