Saturday, October 16, 2010

Winning Percentage of Winners

Many people say they can picks the winners of the NFL games,
but not against the spread. The truth is if you can pick the winners
you'd do great against the line. For example, through week 5 of the
2010 season, the winning team is 62-11  84.9%. against the spread.

Week 5 Results and Trends

Best Bets went 3-0 last week! Free picks had a winning week as
well at 6-5. The dogs are howling in the NFL right now. They've won
every week! I can't remember ever seeing dogs win every week.

The favorites haven't had a winning week yet. This is going to end,
and when it does the Favs will have a huge week. My research has
shown that when things get out of whack in a certain categories, it
 tends to snap back in a big way. So far the dogs have covered
63.0 % of the time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 4 Results and Trends

Best Bets went 1-2 last week. I've been working hard to pinpoint the problems this season.

Home favorites went 2-6 this week making them 12-22 35.3% for the season.

Home dogs are 16-9 64% for the season. The dogs have won every week so far.

That trend is going to end. I'm still looking for the favs to have a big week. The totals for the season are neck and neck, with 30 games going under the total and 31 going over.