Friday, February 3, 2017

Super Bowl Update!

After thinking for the last few days I’ve decided to go ahead and have two best bets in the Super Bowl.. I’m 11-1 during the play offs so far and every time I’ve said that I couldn’t see a game going any other way than the way I predicted I’ve been right. Well, for the last couple of days no matter how I look at this game, I just can’t see this game going any other way than the Patriots and the over.
The line has gone up a half a point to 59, but the score should easily get into the 60’s. If you like to bet the first half numbers, I think the score will be over 30 at halftime. A score of 17-14 would do it.
Let’s rock!

PROGnosis: New England -3

PROGnosis: over 59

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Super Bowl!

In the postseason, I’m 3-0 on my best bets and 8-1 on the rest of my predictions. Now for the biggest game of the year!


Atlanta vs New England

Line: New England -3
Total: 58.5
I’m surprised that the line is still at 3. I think the public hatred of the Patriots is keeping the line down. The Patriots seem to me to be the clear play here. They have the better coach, the better defense and the better QB. I know Matt Ryan is very hot right now, but experience matters and that’s where Brady has the edge.

There’s going to be a lot of offense in this game, no doubt about that. However, only one of these teams has a defense. That team is New England. They don’t have a great defense, but it’s a very good one. Atlanta’s defense is very poor. So, when I look at both offenses to see which one has the biggest advantage, it’s New England’s. Atlanta may have the more high powered offense and more explosive offense, but New England should have an easier time moving the ball consistently.

I also like the over here, but not enough to make it a best bet. If you really want to bet the total I’d go that way, but I’m going to leave it alone.


PROGnosis: New England -3