Saturday, September 6, 2014

Week 1 picks

My first pick of the season was a winner! A good start, but I also have a few more picks to finish strong with.

Before I get into my picks I want to be clear what I’m aiming at for this season. I’m looking to press every advantage I can find and bet on every game I see as a winner. Some weeks I’ll have lots of picks. I realize that most gamblers only want to see a few Best Bets. I understand that. However the fewer amount of picks the less potential for profit. I’m looking to maximize the amount of units won this season, which translates into more money in my pocket. (Refer to my article on Win Percentage in my blog from Monday September 1, 2014.)

If you have a bankroll, I recommend that you calculate what 2% of it is and bet that on every pick I give out for the whole season. This is how I manage my bankroll. If you don’t have a bankroll, I strongly urge you to start one. If you don’t want to have one, you’re just looking to win some money, then find a bet amount that you’re comfortable with and bet that amount on every pick I give out this season. Do not vary your bet size! (Refer to my article on Bet Sizing in my blog from Monday, August 18, 2014.) I’ll let you know if and when to make a change.

Below are the Best Bets for the rest of week 1.

PROGnosis: Minnesota/St Louis UNDER 43
PROGnosis: Philadelphia -10.5
PROGnosis: Chicago -7
PROGnosis: Denver -7.5
PROGnosis: Detroit -6

Your Bankroll is Our Business!

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