Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why The Prog?

Handicapping has changed over the past few decades. Thirty years ago people would pay for inside information. That certainly could get you a winning edge, but nowadays there isn’t inside information to get for the most part. Virtually all information is made public. So what good are handicappers today if anyone with a computer can have access to the same information? Well, the truth is that yes, every Tom, Dick and Harry does have, or can get, the information with just a few clicks. But that’s also the problem. There’s too much information to sort though, too many factors that go into a play.

That’s where we come in. We've been online and picking winners since 1996! With our years of experience, we hone in on the relevant facts, throw out the trends that don’t matter, sift though useless information to concentrate on what really matters and form a logical opinion.

We offer our Best Bets at a reasonable price and analyses and free picks on the rest of the week's action. Don't make a move until you check us out at ProgsPicks.com!

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